Through It All Songtext
von Device

Through It All Songtext

I've been alone
Felt abandoned at times
Given into the fall
I can't forget what it's like

When I felt numb
And so hollow inside
You carried me through it all
Across the divide

And when I went through it all
You gave me your heart
I learned to forgive
And when I come through it all
I know you're the one
I'll never forget

I pray I'm the one
You'll never forget

I've been lost
I've felt ruined inside
Watched it all crumble
In the blink of an eye

You were strong
And so hopeful inside
Saved this fallen one
When I wanted to die

(You're the reason I'm still alive, the only reason I'm still alive)
(You're the reason that I survived, the only reason that I survived)

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