I Can't Songtext
von Debbie Gibson

I Can't Songtext

Salut ma belle fille
(Hello beautiful/gorgeous)
Ca va ce soir?
(How are you this evening?)
Je crois que tu es absoluement jolie.
(I think you're positively beautiful)
C'est nous tout seul ce soir
(We're alone tonight)
Et je veux etre avec toi
(And I want to be with you)
Ca c'est "cool"
(That's "cool")

The writing's on the wall
And the words it spells aren't very nice
Although I'm me, you're you
I've been down that road once or twice
And it's ended in disaster
And someone's heart always breaks
But, I cannot help but wonder
'bout the love that we might make

I should walk away from you now
Should just turn right around
Should say I'm never gonna fall for you
But I can't

I've counseled many peers
In situations milder than this
And my advice to them
Was at all costs avoid that first kiss
But we've waltzed in dreams already
And I never could tell lies
And I can't resist the wonder
That is there behind those eyes


Dangerous as it may be
I want to dance this dance
Let the world take me baby
But not before I take this chance

I've told your heart good-bye
So why does mine refuse to hear?
I've pondered what and why
I tremble when you are near
You're the drink that makes me thirsty
But I crave you just the same


I should say I'm never gonna fall for you
but I can't

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