Do You Have It in Your Heart? Songtext
von Debbie Gibson

Do You Have It in Your Heart? Songtext

Baby all the songs on the radio
Seems they're playin' too fast
Or they're playin' too slow
Nothin' seems right since you walked out of my life
Love's a lost feeling that cuts just like a knife in my heart
Darlin' emptiness surrounds me now
And chains are all around me tonight
And I'm bound to your love
But when push comes to shove
It seems just like an endless fight
So tell me...

Do you have it in your heart?
To give another try before we say goodbye to love
So that we can try again baby
Do you have it in your heart?
Am I losin' my mind?
Maybe I was too blind to see
That our love could ever end
But baby if you have it in your heart
You will never part from me

Just the other night at the movie show
I saw you from a distance but you didn't know
Though time has passed, I can still read your face
I could tell that girl, she made you feel so out of place
Boy I know...
Though we said goodbye forever I know
We could never let our dreams die
'Cause I'm lookin' around
I don't like what I found
Boy won't you look me in the eye
And tell me...


Let's put our pride aside and try to be strong
So we can put the pieces back where they belong
Baby I'm losin' sleep
And I'll be losin' much more
If you don't walk back through my heart's door

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