Jerusalem the Black Songtext
von Death in June

Jerusalem the Black Songtext

How many miles
To Babyland?
Well, it's there
And back again!

Your bellied walls
Are clouding towards me
Look here and there
Look around!
I'll take you to Jerusalem
The black
And to Babylon the golden

The wet silvered stars
The gold mouthed
Wet speared sun
Beyond your heart
They guide you to
Jerusalem the black
And there to Babylon
The golden

Lovely kissed stoneworks
Blessed by many hands
And lips
All in the silence
Were dragged on knees
To Jerusalem the sleeping
And to Babylon the great

Babylon awake
And laughing
Jerusalem asleep
And smiling
Someone I know
He holds a gun
And shoots with his heart in

Someone I know
Looks in your heart
Surrounded by
Ferocious angels

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