Intro Songtext
von D‐Drew

Intro Songtext

To be honest this project
This the type of shit that
I listen to, to really get out and
You know escape my reality
And my emotions cause
I jus- I jus-
Sometimes I just can′t you know what I'm saying like
I feel like I′m at a point in my life where it's just like
My mindset is just like
You only have one life to live
And if you don't take that chance
You′re gonna miss that shit dog
Like for real that′s on sum real shit
I don't do this shit for me you know what I′m saying
Nothing I do is for me
Cause I could- I could give a fuck like
I do this shit for my family
My friends you know what I'm saying
The people I keep close to me
The people I love you feel me?

That all do it for
And that′s-
And those are the only people I'm gonna do it for
Through out my career you know what I′m saying?
And like honestly bro like
This past year
So much shit has happened
And it's fucking crazy
It's just bro-
How people change and
How the world changed
And even how I changed as a person like
So much shit has changed where like
You know what I′m saying like
It′s kind of like damn like
What the fuck
It kind of surprise you in a way lowkey like
But to be honest like I ain- I ain-
I ain't stressin′ I ain- I- I ain- stressin'
Fuck it let just get this shit started

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