4U (Rabbit Song) Songtext
von David Knopfler

4U (Rabbit Song) Songtext

I cannot hold you - If you won't hold me too
I cannot be the one - to write that script for you
The skies are wide and I can't hide, all this love I feel
It's love and only love girl and all of it is real

For you - ooh - In everything you do
I'd take you anywhere - do anything for you
You're all I think about - all I dream of too
Always you are on my mind - always and all the time
Always I'd do anything for you
Run rabbit run x4

Listen... I can't love you - If you're too scared to love me too
Yeah I'm strung out and half crazy
But I'm strong and straight and true
and you're the only one I ever loved - the way that I love you
It's love and nothing less girl that now I need from you

For you - are in everything I do
I'd take you anywhere - risk anything for you
You're all I think about and all I dream of too
Always on my mind - always and all the time
Can't believe this rush I'm going through... for you
Run rabbit run

I over-ride objections - I'm not listening to "no"
The only thing to ask yourself - is how far d'you want to go?
Cause you're warm and wet and willing - and your heart betrays you too
When you gonna wake up and let this dream come true?

Run rabbit run

i cannot touch you - If you will not touch me too
How can I reach you - if you don't reach out for me too?
I cannot teach you what it is that you must do
But as God is love Babe I'm the one - (That much I know is true)

For you - And in everything we do
I would take you any place - risk everything for you
Yeah I'd love you anywhere (love your children too)
Now you've got the REAL DEAL Baby - What you gonna do?
Run rabbit run - run rabbit run - run rabbit run - but I know you'll come
some day you'll come - so run rabbit run

© 15th Oct' David Knopfler 2003

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