Dear Mrs. Applebee Songtext
von David Garrick

Dear Mrs. Applebee Songtext

Dear Mrs. Applebee
I′ve gotta get somethin' off my chest
Mrs. Applebee
You′ve got the wrong idea about me
Mrs. Applebee
You told Marie she couldn't go
With me because you heard that I was bad

Mrs. Applebee, please hear my plea
Don't you know that anyone can change
Mrs. Applebee?
And for Marie I′d even swim the sea
Mrs. Applebee
I′m begging you to please be kind
I want a chance to change your mind about me
Mrs. Applebee

Dear Mrs. Applebee
I know that I once made some bad mistakes
Mrs. Applebee
But that was long before I loved Marie
Mrs. Applebee
I'll make you glad as you can be
And you′ll be proud to see Marie with me
Mrs. Applebee, Mrs. Applebee ...

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Gunther G.

Text von DEAR Mrs. APPLEBEE is aber sowas von wrong.
Wer veröffentlich solch ein Mist? Das muß doch bestimmt auch anderen aufgefallen sein?


das ist nicht der Text von dear mrs. Applebee

Wer besingt den „Summer of '69“?

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