Someone Else’s Girl Songtext
von David Duchovny

Someone Else’s Girl Songtext

I see the rising sun, she belongs to everyone
And that's fine by me, I don't care
When it comes to bliss, I'm a communist
The birds singing up in the trees
Don't just whisper sweet nothings to me
That's alright, I'll share
The greenest grass is always under your own ass
But then came a time, I looked in her eyes
I don't hear voices, but a voice was with mine
Oh, I'm not playing, and I know it's not PC
But now that voice is saying that she belongs to me

But she's someone else's girl (La-da-dee-da-da)
Someone else's girl, somehow she is
Someone else's girl, but I wish she was
My woman now

A woman makes a boy a man
And she makes a man a king
I don't want what's more than mine
I just want everything
A man makes a girl a woman
And he makes of a woman a queen
I kissed the ground you stand upon
And laid my sword down at your feet

But you're someone else's girl (La-da-dee-da-da)
Someone else's girl, somehow you are
Someone else's girl, but I wish you were
My woman now

Baby, I'm a loaded gun
But I ain't got no bullets
Just a magazine of fun
Sorry for the timing
I will take all the blame
I didn't make these jungle laws
But I will win this game

Take my hand and don't be shy
The damage is done
Step up, look into my eyes
You made me someone else's guy

I am someone else's guy (La-da-dee-da-da)
Someone else's guy, somehow I am
Someone else's guy, but how can I be
Your man now?
Your man now?
Your man now?

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