Palm Springs Songtext
von David Arthur Brown

Palm Springs Songtext

Isabel says that
She don't need diamond rings
No house in the hills
No weekends in Palm Springs
She just wants a guy who'll
Love her and won't beat her all the time
Is that too much to ask?

She works everyday for
A family by the beach
The glow of the good life
Seems so out of reach
The hours on the bus and
The dealers on the corner by her home
It's so hard to face America alone

And Isabel says that
Maybe she'd be better off back home
South of the border
In the shadow of a bright green volcano
There isn't much work there
And her father likes to drink more
Than he should
But there's a boy there who loves her
And he'd treat her real good

Sunday she's free and
She spends it in her room
She shuts out the city
The danger and the gloom
She reads gossip websites
And chats with her beloved back at home
It's so hard to face America alone

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