Runnin' With My Boots On Songtext
von Danny Vera feat. James Burton

Runnin' With My Boots On Songtext

I was raised in a flower shop on a bridge
My parents working hard, I was their only kid
My father was a singer and my mama was a fan
Let me tell you the story 'bout how it all began.

Listening to records that my daddy played
From the Man in Black, to the one with the shades
I have known it from the start I'd be a singing man
I was seven years of age and got my future planned

I keep running with my boots on
Singing like an old star
I keep standing where the light is on
Singing all these old songs

Well, the guy from Memphis taught me all that is good
Kept me dreamin' of a life down in Hollywood
Well, I guess I'll never make it there, but I don't care
Lost my heart to a girl, now she is my whole world

It was 2001 when Herman B. thought of jumpin'
Lost my mom to the cancer, saw the Twin Towers fall down
I got hooked on the Jack and got stoned on my own
Never saw that coming, man, I felt so alone.

Got that tattoo on my chest and some memories on my arms
I'm sure I'll get the reasons to get more ink done

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