The Nana Song Songtext
von Danny Brown

The Nana Song Songtext

Tell me why my dimes look pregnant
That niggas know my connect Mexican
Hoes with light completion little to know melanin
Smoking on the purple the herbal is so elegant
(In-ta-legend?) bitches from college that study medicine
Drop it in they face like visine medicine
In your hood liquor store cop a slice of pizza
Skinnys on playing with the rockets like Ariza
Nigga don't confuse it think its just music
Niggas think Hip Hop is book-bags and chew-sticks
Things out front (beckbachains?) for our rows
Ain't talking about flowers let them hold a couple dollars
It's like its Catch Phrase, roll a sack of haze
Fuck tomorrow dog we ain't promised today
So tell me whats the reason these niggas eating
I feel like the whole damn industry teasing
These niggas eatin?
I feel like the industry teasing

I used to cop a nick bag & pull 2 out it
Man these rap jury niggas ain't looking to cloudy
Sitting in the Audi LA at the do over
Throwing up the middle finger yelling “Fuck Oprah”
You in the hood nigga, trying to get your buzz up
I'm at the Standard nigga 2 bitches with they tops up
And watch em treat each other like the buffet
While you doing calling orders at the Kony
Hoes say the dick so huge that you can package pre-orders up through the roof
So keep sleeping on me I'mma wake up with your bitch
Rolling over asking her, “Know how to make grits?”
Nigga I'm the shit, so homie don't piss me
Eat pussy so good none of my hoes kiss me
Lick ya bitch or I'mma be eating
The next time you call that ho a be teasing like

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