Lucky Tonight Songtext
von Dannii Minogue

Lucky Tonight Songtext

Do do do do do
Do do do
Do do do do do
Hey Baby
I see you look at me
I'm looking at you too
Your eyes are telling me there's something we should do
The vibe I'm feeling let's me know that
We just oughta get closer baby

I know you've waited for this moment
But I had to take my time
To see if you were true, a guy that would be only mine
Now that I'm ready I think that we can give it a try
Yes I'm ready

I feel lucky tonight
So won't you please hold me tight
I feel lucky tonight
I think I'll fall deeper, deeper

So no more playing games
Let's lay it on the line
Let's explore this thing you never know what we may find
Show me your everything I really wanna lose my mind
I wanna go crazy

Make me feel what you are thinking
Show me what is on your mind
I won't even try to to stop you
'Cause I know you'll do it right
Just keep it going I don't ever want this feeling to die

I feel lucky tonight
So won't you please hold me tight
I feel lucky tonight
I think I'll fall deeper, deeper
Deeper in love

A sensual meltdown ooh
That's why I feel so lucky

L is 'cause I like the way you look
U is 'cause you always understand
C is for candy
And K for the kissing
Y is for you and everything you do

That's why I feel so lucky
Oh baby, baby I feel lucky tonight
Oh you really drive me crazy
That's why, that's why

I feel lucky tonight, baby yeah
Please hold me tonight
I feel lucky tonight
I think I fall deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper in love


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