Toronto 2014 Songtext
von Daniel Caesar

Toronto 2014 Songtext

Sometimes it feels like it′s a trick
Everything is not as it seems
If only I could find a pair of glasses
To help me see the ones who truly be
They live and we sleep
Pray my days will never hit one
Take me far away from the sun
If only I could find my way through space-time
Back to when I was happy being me
They live and we-

I can hear the bells ringin', remindin′ us why
We're still here singin', it′s for the time
We′re stuck in the Matrix, living a lie
I'm not afraid to die

Take me back to 2014
Saw a pic′ this morning
Far along the journey
The future was alluring
On the other side of TVs, hoping that they see me
But, they hardly see me
At least that's how I see things

Isn′t it funny how the time flies
Like a G5 jet in the turbulence
Well, we gon' make it home tonight
Alright? Alright? Right, alright
My misery is boring, finally feel confident
Yes, that′s an accomplishment
Many more commas to get

I can hear the bells ringin' (bells ringin')
Remindin′ us why (remindin′ us why)
We're still here singin′ (we're still singin′), it's Father Time
We′re stuck in the Matrix, living a lie (In the Matrix, livin' a lie)
I'm not afraid to die (oh, oh)

You know, Stockholm, long roads, on go
You can′t even reach me
Just know, whenever you need me, we′ll figure it out
Look up and you'll see me, and I′ll be around (you'll see me, yeah)
′Cause when I'm home, I′m lost, let's go make it look easy
Oh, take it easy on me, it's still my city, it′s still my city

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