Total Destruction Songtext
von D.A.M.

Total Destruction Songtext

Their hatred burns while countries conflict,
Our nations fight for peace.
Their threats talk of nuclear warfare,
When will it ever cease?
The earth rests on their heads,
Will we live or die?
The button′s pushed, our future's dead,
That′s the end of our lives.

PRE-They must be mad, no one survives.
Both sides will lose, you can choose.

Radiation, atomic death,
A virus if you will.
All designed for total destruction,
All designed to savagely kill.
The switch of death is in their hands,
That decides our fate.
Try to think of all our lives,
Before it gets too late.

A raging inferno engulfs this land,
Destroying all mankind.
Any survivors after the blast,
Destruction they will find.
A flash of light, cloud of dust,
Radiation filled eruption.
Buildings flattened, cities collapsed,
A weapon of total destruction.


What makes a man hate another man,
Enough to destroy the earth.
Do they know what will happen,
Do they ever use their wit.
We live our lives day by day
'Cos tomorrow never comes.
So we pray for peace between rival nations,
But will it ever be done.

Repeat We've lived through wars before now,
I don′t think we will again.
This time there′ll be no fighting,
Just the button of pain.
We'll see the missiles flying over
But there′s no place to run.
Nowhere to hide from total destruction,
That's it the world is done.

Repeat SOLO Elly

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