High Come Down Songtext
von Da Brat

High Come Down Songtext

Baby you make my high
Verse 1

Each day I come in, it's always somethin
Don't stress me I'm pain like Bill drumins'
I pop like 10 cristys a day, in the spot light
I'm way pass tipsay, B R A T hard and sexy and
You can't get next to me baby, wit a blunt in my
Hand shit is obstalic, I don't want to be fucked
Wit when I cheif, it's my smoke and that's how it's
Sposed to be, you bitch's could never get close to
Me, hopefully you know not to blow my high pose in my
Song exithingush my fire it's my desire to blaze it up
Mad cause I smoke, I don't give a fuck,
Don't come around me with no negative shit
Step up, step up and Im ma bust yo lip
Cause I...
I don't like to be fucked wit when I'm high
To the sky worst thing you can
Do is make my high come down down down
Ohh when you make my high come
Down I don't wanna be around you no more

Verse 2

Let's take it out my faith is out when I get
Frustrated I take it out on the optimo so brake
It out, leave my guns to I carry it out, make no
Mistake about miscarriage lay it out good cabbage
Brake it out prayin for glycomma how to survive
And get the money, so unless you want so company
I might pass the blunt but this bud for me I take my
Problems lay them on the self block all the call
And shut off the cell one,
Not consered wit bull shit to much for this
Bitch me and my split don't want to fucked wit cause


Ohh when I split the blunt down the middle, got good weed so strong it
Takes just a little for me to get up to that place we love to go made this
Shit so you would know
When the ashes fall off I get flashes on how you were
Annyoned in a big distation don't nobody wanna
Be aggatited upset, annyoned or
Agravited, masterbation anit'stimluating as this tempting and don't forget to
Puff puff and pass my blunt is tuff tuff for chumps to hash


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