Where's the Man Songtext
von Crush

Where's the Man Songtext

Is there something you′ve forgotten
Did you do all you could do
I know you did but when it all came down
It all came down on you
Yes it all came down on you

Every night when you lay your head down
Your sleepy thoughts are full of rage
Is he running free within your book of dreams
Or does he only fill one page
Does he only fill one page

Where's the man that you used to know
When did he change from clear blue skies to snow
I′ve been searchin' to find him if I can
Where's the man

Is there a place in you for forgiveness
Or did he cut you to the bone
I watched him fill your life with madness
But did he turn your heart to stone
Did he turn your heart to stone

I still can′t believe that he′s gone
Maybe he's taking the long way around
Trying to stand with both feet on the ground
It′s been so long
It's been so long

Where′s the man, where's the man

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