Far Away Songtext
von Crimson Glory

Far Away Songtext

Sleep my lady
Wake and do not she'd a tear for me
You knew someday that I would have to leave you
Lonely highway
Morning sun will find me far away
You know that if I could I would stay with you
I'm on my way now... I'm on my way
Endless highway
Reaches out to touch the morning sky
The desert wind is rushing through my window

And far away I know she is rising
And far away I know she waits for me
And far away she is crying

If there was a way babe
You know, you know that I would be there'sleep my lady
You know someday we will meet again
We'll dance beneath the moon, dream of forever
It seems so far away
That day, just seems so far away

Sleep my sweet lady
Wake and do not she'd a tear for me
You know that I will always love you

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von Crimson Glory

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