Lost Reflection Songtext
von Crimson Glory

Lost Reflection Songtext

Locked in this atticBeen here so many years
Shanna won′t set me free
She says I'm evilBut then she doesn′t knowI'm not pretending, no, not me

Full moon's reflecting
A face in the mirrorTwisted and bleeding
No, you can′t be real, no you′reAll in my mind
Shades of insanity, you're not me
You′re not me

Life in the attic
I like my rocking chair
Staring in shadows
Crouched in the corner
Waiting for something
Laughing at nothing
No one there

And on and on I wonder is there moreWhat is life beyond the attic doorThe full moon in my eyesIs all that's realThe mirror′s lost reflection is in me

Life in the attic
Life in the attic
Life in the attic
Life in the attic

Cobwebs and dusty dreamsSharp knives and hollow screamsWide eyes of terrorClawing the attic doorCan't take it anymore
You better go away!

You′re lyin'
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Who's there?
No one there
You′re not me!

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