In Your Time Songtext
von Christopher

In Your Time Songtext

Wondrous times will dawn within your life
There are no wrongs from here, everything's right
The time will be your judgment
So wait, and take your judgment in time
Then your nights will turn to day

Maybe you find will take you through the rules
They will expect you to live by their rules
As for me I'll expect of you
Nothing that you would not choose to do
And you'll find that you can be free

Your dreams will guide you through your time
All that you seek I promise you will find
Step by step you will awaken
To find the light that has been taken from you
And the light will guide you there

Take home your wealth while the sun is in your sky
Take home what belongs to you and I
Sharing life is everything
Good or bad which ever you've been
For the one who forgives is looking in

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