Nowhere Songtext
von Chris Trapper

Nowhere Songtext

From the San Diego Freeway
To the mouth of Mexico
I bailed out on the bachelor party
They all warned me not to go
But I was so showered up in champagne
That I really wasn't scared
That's why I'm nowhere

So then I walked across the border
Taxi driver take me where
There are spirits of the carnival
And danger in the air
But there's a back door confrontation
When the stranger greets you there
Welcome to nowhere

I remember this place from an old postcard
But I never remember a sky so dark
Or a town full of shadows and topless bars
And bars

So don't forget to tell my family
Don't forget to tell my love
That I'm stuck in Tijuana
Got rolled over in a club
They stole my cash, ID and credit card
No surprise, nobody cares
Alone and nowhere

I remember this place from an old nightmare
But when I opened my eyes I was still there
Nowhere to go, not a dime to spare
To spare

Well, Lord some day I'll shake this shadow
And some day I'll break this curse
When my soul sails through the ceiling
And I'm the guest star in a hearse
But until then I'll continue
Doing exactly as I dare
That's why I'm nowhere-->

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