Everything’s Good Songtext
von C‐Block

Everything’s Good Songtext

Everything's good
Everything's good.

Ain't no stoppin, it's on & poppin
Red Dogg, yeah I keep the bunnies hoppin.
Don't quit on the microphone I spit &
spat, so get wet cause I get it like that.

As I spit to your face, burning eyes like Mace.

Pump your fist in the air as I take.
Your mind to another journey another level

Raisin up got my grip on the shevel.

Diggin them up, diggin them up

Sittin them up for the groove, you better not move
Raising them up, raising them up in the hood
Everything's good
in the hood tonight
The homies got the sack, to make me feel alright

It's all good, so everybody sing
I'm talking on the Jay
cause it ain't no thang
It's all good, it's all good tonight
You'll never catch me slippin, cause I feel alright

It's all good, it's all good tonight

You'll never catch me slippin, cause my game is tight.

Everything's. Everything's Good
I'll be God Damn, it's a dirty shame
tip that cup funked up again.
Now I'm tore up Bitch!
Cause my friend through up & do it all over again.
I GET LOADED, like every day
weed to the brain
straight blowed away.
I GET LOADED, and I'll never choke
as I lay back & blow a little smoke
Pass the joy on down, look around one time
Keep the mist in the air recline.
You'll find the mastermind einstein,
blow a little smoke in the air one time.
Feel me black, you know it's all good.
Fat dub sack, getting blazed in da hood.
Is it really like that?
Is it really so phat? You know that
Everything's good

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