Feb 14 Songtext
von Cavetown

Feb 14 Songtext

She rubs my back for me
On February 14
She says that I'll do great
That's not what's scaring me

I get up on my feet
Give her one last hug
They're all waiting for me
I wish that was enough

I got your letter
Hope you feel better
Than I do
I miss you
She said she's here if I ever need someone to talk to
But all I ever wanna talk about is you

Think I zoned out again
But I still tried my best
They said it's my best show
I hope you were impressed

Just tryin' to buy more time
When as she goes she says
With one regretful smile
"Happy Valentine's day"

I just stand and stare
Feel my body fallin' away
Feel my body fallin' away

Feel my body fallin' away

I'll see you again someday

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