Bitte tötet mich Songtext
von Carach Angren

Bitte tötet mich Songtext

Another tale of tragedy
He made the choice to end his life
So it is written, passionately
This soldier's fervent wish for suicide
His soul torn asunder by the horrors of war
One carrying so much death will soon care for life no more

On the first day the soldier would quietly retreat to shoot himself through the head not far from his infantry

"I can hear footsteps
Someone's coming near. Fuck! Should I stay? Disappear?
'Es ist mein bester freund
Diesem soldat ist immer für mich da'
Quickly I put my luger away
I thought this was my last day but I failed!"

"Bitte tötet mich! Bitte töte mich!"

On the second day, he opened his eyes
Consumed by sadness he thought
"Today is the day I die!
I will take my life with the rope, a bullet, or maybe the knife"

So depressed, so empty
Wandering, hopeless, searching for death
His soul feels so old and so cold
The only desire left is his yearning for death

He stumbled across an old farmstead and entered this wooden shack!
There he found a rope and the guts to jump and hang with a broken neck
The second he tightened the slipknot, the barn door flew open
This time he was caught by a farmer who grabbed his legs to lift and hold him high
The soldier kicking and screaming
"You bastard! let me hang and die!"

In this struggle, the soldier went mad
After the rope snapped. He pulled the knife and, nine times in the stomach, the farmer was dead

"Bitte töte mich!"

On the third day, there was a firefight
This bloody assault would last until midnight
Another opportunity for our soldier who craves for suicide

With open arms into the line of fire, he asked for death
But then he watched his friend, who is trying to prevent him from killing himself again, die for his own determined suicide

Here comes the part where he sticks the luger into his mouth
He was shot twice in the spine from behind, then blows half his face all over the ground

"Ha ha!"

Not dead yet but completely fucking paralyzed, kept alive in his hell for two long years before he finally dies

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