Ikari (Where Do We Go Now) Songtext
von Captain Capa

Ikari (Where Do We Go Now) Songtext

Some dreams are better left untouched
I know you never ever felt that much
We were playing house for some time
Make believe that you were
no ones but mine

Every time you took me home
it sill made me feel alone
and if you ever kissed me back
I wondered about the taste of regret

Now I'm on the road again
I still don't know who I am
and you're million miles away
I hope that you'll be better off some day

All my dreams of rock'n'roll
they now seem so pitifull
so every night I crawl on stage
I force myself to envision your face

So where do we go now
now that the killer in our heart
already brought us here

Do you realize
that I've been traumatized
by what you did to me
how can you sleep at night
does it feel alright
what you did to me

Who the fuck is that prick
I just met in the bathroom
he looked like me
and was talking about you
I just caught him
copy my every move
he was drunk as shit
and screaming for you
he spills his drink all over my tee
he really looks like me
shit, he looks like me
I open my mouth as he tries to speak
a familiar voice keeps asking me

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