Between Hope and Reality Songtext
von Cân Bardd

Between Hope and Reality Songtext

Part I: A Frail Dream

This is a song for the cursed
No one knows when the end comes
Far away there is maybe an elixir for me
When winter comes in my land
This curse seems to be noble
But is it really a curse to love loneliness?

This coldness It makes me feel alive
The sun is hiding
Behind the fog and the clouds
The wind in my hair
Takes me back into my dreams
And drops me off
In my snowy landscape

This is the song of my fall
Slowly plunging me into the snow
I feel my skin getting cold
And my bones becoming frail
During this time my soul is escaping through nature
My body's dying and assimilated by the ground and its life

I remember the meadow
I remember the feelings
When the grass caressed my being
And when the sorrow took me
I remember the forest
I remember the fall of leaves
When the mold was all coated
And my sadness won't leave me

Now I can see this beautiful world
Without any trouble
Painting my own travel
And finally my own landscape

Part II: A Reality of Sorrow

The song of the breeze wakes me up
It sings in harmony with the crying river
And the whispering trees
The fog dressing up the mountains
With its most beautiful coat
I can only admire the show that nature offers me

I see the meadow
I feel the grass caressing my being
I see the forest
I see the leaves falling

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