Country Bumpkin Songtext
von Cal Smith

Country Bumpkin Songtext

He walked into the bar and parked his lanky frame upon a tall barstool
And with a long soft southern drawl he said "I just have a glass of anything that's cool"
A barroom girl with hard and knowing eyes slowy looked him up and down
And she thought I wonder how on earth that country bumpkin found his way to town
She said "Hello, country bumpkin, how's the frost put on the pumpkin?"
"I've seen some sights, but man you're something"
"Where'd you come from country bumpkin?"
It was just a short year later in a bed of joy filled tears yet death locked pain
And to this wondrous world many wonders, one more wonder came
That same woman's face was wrapped up in a raptured look of love and tenderness
As she marveled at the soft and warm and cuddly boy child feeding at her breast
And she said "Hello country bumpkin. Fresh as frost out on the pumpkin."

I've seen some sights but babe your something
Momma loves her country bumpkin
Forty years of hard work later in a simple quiet and peaceful country place
The heavy hand of time had not erased the raptured wonder from the woman's face
She was lying on her deathbed knowing fully well, her race was nearly run
But she softly smiled and looked into the sad eyes of her husband and her son
She said "So long country bumpkin, the frost is gone now from the pumpkin
I've seen some sights and life's been something
See ya later country bumpkin
She said "So long country bumpkin, the frost is gone now from the pumpkin
I've seen the sights and life's been something
Fades out...

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