Make Up Your Mind Songtext
von C-Bra

Make Up Your Mind Songtext

Took you by surprise caught you on the phone
Had to ralize you were not alone.
Bitter jealousy and i dont know why i wannalook you right in the eye.
Wonder what it is i would say to you would i try and please you till you want me too
Would i cry about watch me break in two or would i srean and shout youve got to

Make up your mind, so cone and make it and dont you brak it up tears willturn to laughter baby
Make up your mind.

Took a little while to be me again had to run a mile to feel free again
Anger rising up like a bitter pill.dressing up in style for the kill.out into the night
Like a hungry beasr heading for the light for yet another feast taking uo the pace
To make it up to you right into your face

Didnt have the strenght to carry on even if i tried it went all wro g but you still hold my hand caught me up agaib put me on my feet what am i to do when the answer is you.

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