Cognac Songtext
von Buddy Guy

Cognac Songtext

Look at here!
It's smooth and it goes down really nice
Costs two hundred dollars a bottle
And that's a damn good bargain price
Talkin' 'bout Cognac
Liquid gold in every sip
Look at here
Let's play us some blues while we all take a little nip

Now reefer make me mellow
And whiskey make me wild
Get a couple of glasses and let's get drunk in style
I'm talkin' about Cognac
Careful now, it sneaks up on you strong
If the late Muddy Waters was here drinkin' with us
That bottle would be ten times gone

Can't drink with me no more Muddy, but I got Keith Richards
How 'about you, Beck?
Good and smooth, good and smooth, good and smooth
It goes good with the blues

Come on Keith, help yourself
Remy Martin XO
I'm only playin' what I know
Come on in here, Beck
Stretch you neck and drink this XO with me

Let me tell you 'bout this woman: when she'd get tight
Give a double shot of Remy Martin XO
Bet you'll watch it rocket rise
Talkin' 'bout Cognac
XO Cognac that is
And it goes right to your head
Yes is do
How well do I know

You know it won't kill the living
But it damn sure raised the dead
Let me say that again
You know it won't kill the living
But it damn sure raised the dead
Oh yes, it will
One more

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