Cold Wind Songtext
von Buck Dharma

Cold Wind Songtext

She wears a ring and he has no buisiness feeling this
But oh what a love affair there could be if only they
Could see themselves together
It might have been better if he hadn't seen her today
They spoke their pleasantries, but he was looking at
The light behind her eyes
His mind tells him it can never be but his heart
Refuses to believe it's true oh,

A cold wind blows on the empty hearted
And it chills right to the bone
And a cool head knows when love's departed

Late that night in fitful slumber he has the dream,
The two of them walking along a stream of blue
A soft breeze blows her summer dress, he stops to
Brush the hair from her face
Then they hold each other for the very first time and
They look into each other's eyes and see but

He arises silently to not disturb the others in their
Slowly he descends the stairs and in a darkened
Room sits alone
And wonders could it be that she is seeking
Something to believe in too oh


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