All Tied Up Songtext
von Buck Dharma

All Tied Up Songtext

Baby, baby you know you I'd like to see
Remembering when it was you and it was me but I'm

All tied up I can't make it today I'm
All tied up I've got other plans anyway I'm
All tied up I'm booked solid I'm
All tied up well maybe after the holidays

Listen here you better leave her alone
Forget about her no she can't come to the phone
'cause she's

All tied up yeah she's tied up today she's
All tied up she's got nothing to say she's
All tied up she's too busy for you she's
All tied up can't you see that you and she are through

Oh my my my darling has it really been this long
We two together wonder where the time has gone
I love you love you honey knowing that you're bound
To please
Bless be the ties that bind us and our hearts and
Minds at ease 'cause we're

All tied up in love with one another we're
All tied up either one or the other we're
All tied up but we like it that way we're
All tied up it's the way that we'll stay

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