Danger and Dread Songtext
von Brown Bird

Danger and Dread Songtext

Come on baby let me take your troubles away
Some mean old mama's got your head all in a horrible way
Still for all your crying and all your pain
You're just the sweetest woman that I've seen in my day
So come on pretty mama let me take your troubles away

I've heard you wake up crying from the evils lying under our bed
You say there's no use trying to protect you from the danger and dread
Though this world is made of fearsome beasts that bark and bite
We born to put these creatures through one hell of a fight
May we feast upon the flesh of any fever that befalls you tonight

Sooner sides will spread wide open
We shall feast when darkness falls
Sing until our jaws are broken
'Neath the black and waters cold

Lay down your burdens don't you let them drag you into the ground
I know you're hurting but there's plenty of your pain to go around
Lord knows that everybody"s got a cross to bear
Don't see no use in trying to contrast and compare
There's always someone being slaughtered
By a bigger stack of splinters somewhere

If one day should break in anger
Patience we can temper strong
Put our able hands to labor
We will work through what went wrong

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