When Silence Breaks Songtext
von Breakdown of Sanity

When Silence Breaks Songtext

There is no hope, no flavors on my tongue
I close my eyes and pray, there is no hope, oh god
I'm holding my breath and realize what I have done
These fucking countless eyes, they're looking down on me

I sleep with open eyes
God tell me, how will this end?

I think I've lost, you've opened my eyes
Pieces of me, they just fall away
And there is nothing that I can do
Except to pray that there will come a day

I feel the screams close to my fuckin' heart
So close to my heart (So close to my heart)

But I hope the day will come when we can forget
My mind is screaming but my lips can't translate
I tremble with every breath I take, please pick me up
I can't lift off by myself, oh my god

Please pick me up
Darling please

I try to hide the scars in me
So blind, pins and needles buried in my eyes
What's left of me? (Don't tell me)
What's left of me?

What's left of me?
Of me, of me

I have to say - goodbye
Just make this go away
A goodbye with no second chance
You said we'd never fade away

I sleep with open eyes
Oh god, how will this end?
I see your glassy eyes
God tell me, how will this end?

How will this end?

I wanna wake up from this nightmare
I wanna wake up in your arms

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