Mud and Clay Songtext
von Bound by Law

Mud and Clay Songtext

I'm seeding with deceit
Shadows gather in the streets
They compensate the lost when we bleed
Now see me smile as I fail again

As I exhale upon the touch of the divine
All I see is gray systematic decline
Of a world build on lies, especially mine

I wish this mind was stripped from decay
So little built on the ruins of all that failed
Lost the tools, and lost the vision, and with a shaking hand I gave up the wood and nails
Just to start over with mud and clay

A creature descended one day

An angel covered in a veil
For me to lift away
But a habit had descended one day

On a man in fundamental decay
He got stuck with this old reflection
No matter what he did, he couldn't change it
An eerie panic and fear then swept in
Cuz that creature she had settled herself deep
And he buried that little creep so deep
So deep, ohh so deep that you wouldn't believe it.

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