Stay The Same Songtext
von Bonobo ft. Andreya Triana

Stay The Same Songtext

A night train
Bags gathered round my feet
Some lessened
To carry with me
Heavy and
Like a gentle symphony

I rest my
Head right
Back upon my seat
It's hard
And cold tho'
The best thing for me
This train is
But my heart is stationery

Seasons change
it won't ever be the same
I'm hopin'
I won't stay the same
Reasons strange
Why we always play these games

I left it
with you
i hope that was discreet
i made sure
i put it
upon the cellar doors
it's hanging open
when you read it while i weep

Last time
the last time
it flickers through me
so vivid
it rushes from my head down to my feet

We're laughing we're joking
through? to my defeat

Seasons change it will never be the same
I'm hoping i won't stay the same
reasons strange
why we always play these games.

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