Lonely Nights Songtext
von Bonfire

Lonely Nights Songtext

Another morning's come
But still it doesn't bring the sun for me
For me
Lying in my bed at night
Feeling like I hold the fight to me
Oh, to me
Can't you see my tears
Even after all these years
Can't you see my pain
I'm crying in the rain

Lonely nights, who-oh
Never gonna make it right, who-oh
I just can't live without you
Without you
Lonely nights, who-oh
Even for you I hurt my pride, who-oh
(You hurt my pride)
I just can't live without you
Without you

I never let my feelings shown
I never thought that you would go from me
Oh, from me
So can't you see my tears
Now I'm living my worst fears
You can't see my pain
Cause my love was all in vain

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