American Nights Songtext
von Bonfire

American Nights Songtext

Comin' at me - like a speed train
It's too late - to jump off the track
Locomotion - red hot emotion
I can feel it - breathing down my back

I'm shakin' and I'm takin'
So much I feel inside
I'm achin' - she's takin' me over the line
I can't get enough of those

American Nights - don't keep me waiting
American Nights - she showed me her world
American Nights - with my american girl

Lights are flashing - all around me
Love is closin' in - nowhere to run
My destination - is your vibration
What you give me - is second to none

I'm shakin' - I ain't fakin'
No way I'll ever forget - those


There's no other way - my world stops turning without you
I've just gotta stay forever

We're shakin', we're not fakin'
No way - we'll ever forget - those


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