Alive Songtext
von Bleed From Within

Alive Songtext

Lie awake un a dream, drag me far away
Your eyes they come to life as you feed off the weak

Strenght in the numbers
It's all they ser of you, nothing more
Materialistic Minds
Tell me do you reel alive?
You're searching for yourself
In a strangers eyes
Living in a worldwide that vanity buys
Humanity has crossed the line

This is how ir ends
Weakness in me
I wear on my sleeve.
Offer tour true light to the world
Weakness in you
A taste of the truth
This mask you wear will slip away and all will become clear

Turn away from the screens
Tell me how does it feel
Depression comes in waves
When things start to feel real

I'm holding on to the hope that we can change our ways
Materialistic minds
Tell me do you feel alive?

A withering sense of self became my home
Now I'm living with the enemy

We Will not walk, we Will not crawl
In a world of empty souls
Is this the means to an end?

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