A Message From Poet (TV) Songtext
von Blaq Poet

A Message From Poet (TV) Songtext

"Hello please record a message after the tone"
[Intro: Poet]
Yo, what's the deal, yo whattup Primo, man
All these niggaz man poppin shit, and shit
All these niggaz is rich
Nobody wanna die, nobody really wanna kill eachother
Anybody just need to fall back, aha
Cause everybody payin'
Everybody just need to fall back and do them
"Yeah y'all, come on!"
Aiiyo Summerjam live, Jigga goin' at Nas
Yo... what's goin' on with these guys?
Next thing you know, Nas goin' at Jay
+Ether+ to the dome tried to blow him away
Motherfuckers wanna make it to some Queensbridge - Marcy shit
Believe me, New York, we don't wanna spark this shit
We still be buildin' these women and children
The whole shit will turn to Ground Zero if we start illin'
Look at Foxy and Tim what's wrong with them
Both of them platinum, used to be bitches
Now they wanna give eachother stitches, damn
Is that how it is, when niggaz get riches
You got 50 with Ja, 50 with Jay
50 with anybody that get in 50 way
G-Unit, Jadakiss and Beanie
That's a ill one believe me

Cam'ron and Esco who got the best flow
DMX whoa goin' at ya little bro'
And the whole Roc-A-Fella wanna get at Jaz-O
Eminem, come on now that's a no-no
Disrespectin' your moms we don't play that shit yo
Even as a crack fiend mama, black queen mama
You learned Tupac and that's the king of drama
Dr. Dre should've told ya
But he to busy goin' at Jermaine Dupri to show ya
But Blaq Poet pull a trigger
We know you nice for get you white just rep it right nigga
I look over at the westside
I see Snoop, Suge, Xzibit 'bout to collide
And make some real nigga wanna cry
It's like niggaz forgot about Pac and B-I.
The only way to settle this; battle it out
1-0-6 in park and leave the gat at the house
If not ain't no more to be yappin about
Get back to makin' your joints 'cause that's what rap is about
Yo that shit is weak and all y'all niggaz know it
You can keep it on to lead it cause it's just A Message From Poet
That shit is weak and all y'all niggaz know it
You can keep it on to lead it and this is just A Message From Poet
"Yeah y'all come on!"

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