Brave Captain Songtext
von Big Big Train

Brave Captain Songtext

A statue of a young man
De antly stands
Glove held in left hand
With an Angel close by his shoulder
At the stroke of midnight When no one's in sight Beneath the oodlights What does she whisper? What has he told her?
Sunshine through the leaves Back in '73
With my parents and we were eating ice cream
In the shade of the old trees
I asked "Who was he?"
My Dad said to me
"Although he was only twenty,
He was a hero who'd died for his country"
Well, you should have seen me Who would believe me now? Racing around the castle grounds Wild imagination in full ight My arms stretched wide
I'll be a brave Captain of the Skies

You were a ying ace
From the history books Thrilling deeds and dashing looks Ful lling your destiny
Simply doing your duty
For King and Country
You were the poster boy
Who shunned your own fame
Who didn't take to the accolades Even when propaganda
Screamed your name
You believed celebrity to be nonsense You were a loner, a solitary man Practical minded
And good with your hands
Your letters sent home
Revealed, this weapon had a conscience
Until at long last your plane emerges from out of the low cloud
Flying upside-down
Too close to the ground to recover Heading earthbound
No engine sound
Black smoke trailing
Silently falling down Brave Captain of the Skies

Brave Captain of the Skies

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