Kimchee Line Songtext
von Bhi Bhiman

Kimchee Line Songtext

I'm on the kimchee line
I'm on the kimchee line
I'm on the kimchee line
Its cabbage time

Well I went up on the mountain
To see if I could fly
Went down to the sea, lord
And the sea was dry
So I picked a pickled pepper
From the Leader's Tree
I got some prawn and oysters
For the Vitamin E

I'm on the kimchee line
Its radish time

Well there ain't no use boy
In trying to jump that fence
They got guns on the green side
You ain't making no sense
So I climbed up on a ladder
To see what I could see
While the leader's getting fatter
I feel my stomach bleed

I'm on the kimchee line
It's scallion time

Well I gave up all my hopes
Of ever breaking these ropes
To the Leader's jubilation
I still love my mighty nation
Before I tell you where I sit ma'am
I'd like to tell you where I stand
I got a niece and daughter
In a freer land

I'm on the kimchee line
It's cucumber time

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