Cast All Your Cares Songtext
von Beverley Knight

Cast All Your Cares Songtext

It's funny how we see the worst of things
we look at our stress and strains
even measure our labour and pain
and it's all in vain.
Why do we feel some things will never change
feeding on a negative vibe.
Wheeling on a downward site
But I learned...

That thru' it all, I couldn't fall
on you I call; you deliver me
When fading fast, all troubles past
On you I cast; for you said,
"Let me carry all your problems
your fears are my concern, and in return
I ask you...

"Cast all your cares on me
Nothing is too much for me to bear
Cast all your cares on me
Understand that I will be there
Cast all your cares on me
Things will be alright, I'm telling you
Cast all your cares on me
for I care for you

The little things help me to realise
that I have a friend in you
even when I don't feel like I do
though inside I knew
And when I need to feel that I'm loved again
All I do is call your name ("Abba father")
and my pressure starts to wane

Lord I just call your name
and with your spirit you bring me love
Lord I just call, Lord I just call your name, your name
I know you're listenin'
Lord I just call, Lord I just call your name,
you answer my prayer
Anytime I need a friend, I call you Lord, I do I do
and when you touch me with your goodness
I could never feel the same

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