Return to Darden Road Songtext
von Beta Radio

Return to Darden Road Songtext

In new Princeton Place
They have luxury homes
And you could live in one
Off of Darden Road
It′s built by the biggest field
Where as a child, all your wounds were healed
And all the buildings that I see, and the patterns they bring
They're just patterns to me

Where do you go?
Come back to me, I love you so

If you′re scared to be alone
Then come love me and live in my home
Have all the stars left your eyes
Have they gone back into the skies
I don't wanna clean my room
Cause I might clean my memories of you
And if you want we will build our home
In Princeton Place, off of Darden Road

Oh, where do you go?
Come back to me, I love you so

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