Blackwaterside Songtext
von Bert Jansch

Blackwaterside Songtext

One morning fair I took he air
Down by blackwater side
T′was gazing all al around me
The Irish lad I spied

All through the fore part of the night
We lay in sport and play
Till this young man arose and gathered his clothes
Saying 'Fair thee well today!′

That's not the promise that you gave to me
When first you lay on my breast
You could make me believe with your lying tongue
That the sun rose in the West

When go home to your father's garden
Go home and weep your fill
And think on your own misfortune
That you brought with your wanton will

One morning fair I took the air
That hung about black waterside
T′was a gazing path all around it
And the Irish that I spied

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