Write a Letter Songtext
von Bay City Rollers

Write a Letter Songtext

I'm hoping you'll write a letter
i tried to make a call uh uh
just to see how you're feelin'
if you're missin' me
i wanna cry yeah
and I gotta let you go
but there's on who needs to see you
and i've really gotta know
girl, what i mean is what i say
all the cheatin' that i did
was in your head
girl, ah did you believe those lies
and can't you see
we're wasting all this time
i hope you need me
but you don't want to know
or stand his love i have inside
(just ask no questions)
I'm trying to face it
this pain just seems to grow
and maybe try and see it my way
are you still too young to know
*repeat chorus*
my love, what i mean is what i say
i just gotta let you go
my love, i tried to tell
i gotta let you know
my love, but you don't want to know

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