Are You Cuckoo? Songtext
von Bay City Rollers

Are You Cuckoo? Songtext

Are you cuckoo? are you?
Are you cuckoo? Me too
Are you cuckoo, are you?
Are you cuckoo? Me to
Are you coo? Are you coo?
You think of it
you build it up
You tear it down
(Are you cuckoo)
You think you're a groove
Know how to move
But look like a clown
(are you cuckoo)
Without a doubt
When you get out
He's taking your place
(Are you cuckoo)
A guy that is slick
Who can be quick
Who's got a good face

(Are you cuckoo)
But what's in his head
Might as well be lead
Repeat chorus
Look at the kid
All that he did
Is taking effect
(Are you cuckoo)
Then there's a guy
He's getting high
He's gonna crash
(Are you cuckoo)
I gotta be quick
To stop his chick
Spending his cash
(Are you cuckoo)
While he stood to look
She came and took
Repeat chorus
Making it rhyme
Keeping in time
You can't relax
(Are you cuckoo)
Write a new line
Work overtime
To pay your tax
(Are you cuckoo)
Stand in the queue
We'll see to you
If you're a success
(Are you cuckoo)
You're in the hat
Just think of that
Same as the rest
(Are you cuckoo)
But you know fate
Can't come too late
Repeat chorus
Hi Charlie, Welcome back Charlie,
Are you cuckoo Charlie? Me too!

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