Let’s Pretend Songtext
von Bay City Rollers

Let’s Pretend Songtext

I can't sleep nights
Wishing you were here beside me
Can't help feeling
That's the way it ought to be
You know we could run away
But i couldn't bear
To hear the things they'd say, oh no
Baby let's pretend that tonight we'll live forever
If we close our eyes and believe it might come true
Baby let's pretend we could always be together

But for now just let me spend the night with you
Somehow, someday
Things are gonna be so different
Don't cry, some way, I promise it'll be alright
So now that we're all alone
I couldn't bear to leave or take you home, oh no
So take me now, my love can't wait
We're almost there now darling, darling
Hold me, hold me, hold me
*Repeat chorus*

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