Shine Shine Songtext
von Barry Gibb

Shine Shine Songtext

I've never been sorry for the way I was raised

The enemy fewer and the love that I made was the symbol on the times

A celebration of the wine I made a memory in you.
I'll still be the reader of the letters you write

I've never been lonely for the rest of my life
there's a corner in my heart

we can never be apart
we can never be apart.
Look tomorrow
you be gone tomorrow
we can dance the night away

I can bestow to you all my love on your wedding day.
for how much longer you'll be mine

There'll be no words to be broken.
You mean no world to me someone else that we both call love in your eyes

I believe together you'll shine.
I was born to be with you on the day you were born

A beautiful angel with her face in the sun

She was searchin' for the moon in ev'ry sparkle in the spoon
You haven't changed.
I'll still be the face in ev'rybody you see a light in the night

If you need me to be in ev'ry corner of the world

If any smile becomes a tear I will shelter you from the rain.

Look tomorrow
you be gone tomorrow
we can dance the night away
. .
for how much longer you'll be mine
. . .
And now I love you
there's no one I place above you
life is a road before you

While he can show the way for you
my darling
I will pray for you.
shine. Far how much longer you'll be mine. . . .

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