Banned in D.C. Songtext
von Bad Brains

Banned in D.C. Songtext

Banned in D.C. with a thousand other places to go
Gonna swim across the atlantic 'cause that's the only thing i can do
You, you can't hurt me
Why? i'm banned in D.C.
We, we've got ourselves
Gonna stretch it gonna work it out to any other length
Not worried not worried about what the other people are gonna say
We got ourselves, we're gonna make it anyways
You can't hurt me
Why i'm banned in D.C., D.C.
And if you ban us from your clubs

It's the right time right mind
And if you think we really care
You won't find in my mind
No oh oh you can't afford to close your doors
So soon no more
My oh my i let you down
Upon the ground
So soon no more

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