Left Your Body Songtext
von Bad Books

Left Your Body Songtext

We were sitting there nervous trying
To keep our eyes from making contact
You were laying there looking worse
Than you had looked the previous Sunday
I was trying to imagine how it felt for you and you released it
Tried to put myself inside your shoes and felt like that was selfish

I don't know what it looks like where
You are but I mean it must look better
Than just laying around and counting down until you meet your Maker
I imagine that He held your hand and
Showed you that you're far from perfect
That every single person he created
Has been a screw up you can't help it

Might as well just take that blame
Take off your shoes start getting comfy
There is nothing but forgiveness
Here the journey's over glad you met me
There is nothing but deliverance here pure and logic than you could be
And all the judgement that He yelled
About is more about yourself than you'd think

I'm a 7 page laundry list of sinful deeds I swore were not me
And I felt you're the shadow of my death still scares the soul out me
I couldn't even wrap my head around
How I could find a throne for judging

Still I sat there quietly, resenting you, resenting daddy

And all that I can do is hope and
Hope and hope that the Lord will treat me
The way that I believe he treated
You when you left this earth and body

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