The Mill Mill O Songtext
von Back of the Moon

The Mill Mill O Songtext

As I cam in yon water side
And by yon shillin' hill O
It's there I spied a bonny young lass
A lass I lo'ed richt weel O

Chorus (after each verse):
The mill mill O, and the kill kill O
And the coggin' o' Peggy's wheel O
The seck and the seeve a' she did leave
An' danced the miller's reel O

I spiered at her gin she could play
But the lassie had nae skill O
An' yet she was nae a' tae blame
She pat it in my will O

Weel, she fell o'er an' sae did I
An' danced the miller's reel O
If e'er that bonny lassie comes again
She'll hae her ma't grund weel O

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